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Forex Quantitative Strategies for Climate-Related Economic Events

Forex Quant Strategies

Quantitative strategies in foreign exchange (forex) trading have gained significant popularity in recent years, with investors looking for more systematic approaches to analyze and predict currency movements. However, the impact of climate-related economic events on forex markets has been relatively understudied. As the effects of climate change become more tangible and pronounced, it is crucial […]

Quantitative Analysis of Volatility Clustering in Forex

Quantitative Analysis of Forex Volatility

In recent years, the foreign exchange (Forex) market has become increasingly important in global finance. As a result, researchers and traders have become interested in understanding the patterns and dynamics that drive market volatility in Forex. One phenomenon that has been observed in Forex and other financial markets is volatility clustering, which refers to the […]

Sentiment Indicators and News Analysis: Fusing Fundamentals and Technicals

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment indicators and news analysis play a crucial role in financial markets, providing insights into investor psychology and market sentiment. In today’s fast-paced and information-driven world, these tools are more important than ever for traders and investors alike. By fusing fundamentals and technicals, analysts can gain a well-rounded understanding of market trends and make more […]

Algorithmic Trading Ethics: Addressing Bias and Fairness

Algorithmic Trading Ethics

Algorithmic trading has become increasingly prevalent in financial markets, relying on computer algorithms to make trading decisions. While this technology has brought efficiency and liquidity to markets, concerns have been raised regarding its ethics and the potential for bias and unfairness. This paper aims to explore the ethical considerations of algorithmic trading and propose strategies […]